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How to collect all pictures of your greatest day?
With so many friends & family members taking photos!

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Last year I attended four weddings. Every time a professional photographer took amazing pictures but the most personal and funny moments were captured by other guests. These pictures will make you laugh a lot and remember your special day for a long long time. But asking all friends and family members does sound like a boring job and requires quite some endurance.
So what you need is an easy and user friendly way to collect lots of files from many people . With CloudWok you can create your personal wedding pictures page with only a few clicks.

Everyone can easily access your wedding pictures page and upload their photos and videos. They will be stored right in your personal cloud storage.
Just pick your Dropbox, Goolge Drive, Box.com, S3 or even a Facebook Album to receive and manage uploads right in your own cloud storage.

What matters

To access your personal wedding pictures page and upload photos, no guest should be required to complete a registration. It would be great if it's so simple that all family members are able to understand it. Of course, it should also look pretty.
So what are you looking for?
  • An easy to use wedding pictures page allowing everyone to upload their photos
  • Some visitors may want to upload pictures right from their smartphone
  • Lots of guests will also want to see already uploaded pictures in a photo gallery
wedding upload page
Wedding Pictures Page (Example)

It has to be easy to use for everyone!

The manuals provided at the top of the page explain how to quickly generate your own wedding pictures page
  • All access - guests need no account or registration
  • Simple to use - can’t get easier than just pressing one button ;-)
  • Easy to remember - create a link with a custom name everyone will remember
wedding pictures gallery
Wedding Pictures Page Gallery

Mobile upload and own webpage

Your wedding pictures page is also accessible by mobile browsers. In a few weeks we will even offer a mobile app making mobile life even easier.
wedding embedded page
Embedded in Own Webpage
Anyone with a digital camera can comfortably upload images at home using their PC. Maybe you’ll even have an own wedding homepage developed - then there are even some the cool ways to integrate our upload service into your webpage.

Professional photographer

If you're a professional photographer you can offer your customers to collect pictures from all guests.
No question: your professional photographs set you apart from amateurs. So this is your main focus. But it could be an additional very appreciated and low effort service helping the wedding couple to collect a great amount of personal pictures. Some photos with less lower image quality but that are very unique can round up the total collection of wedding pictures (and videos).

Not getting married?
Also works very well for birthdays, bachelor parties as well as other celebrations and events!

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