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How to sign up for CloudWok and create your first Wok to receive file uploads directly into your Dropbox folder, Google Drive, S3 bucket, Box folder or Facebook Album.

How can I collect Files?

You are a group traveller, teacher, researcher, a business owner? There are many cases where it would be of great help to have an easy way allowing you  collect files from other people

Don't worry about them using certain programs or having no accounts for a website. Instead just send them your CloudWok URL and they will be able to upload any file directly into your Cloud.

How to use CloudWok

Getting your Cloud Ready

  • Choose the Cloud service you want to receive the files with .

  • Before creating your first CloudWok you will need to grant permission to create folders and upload files into your Cloud .

  • Complete your user details and to accept our Terms of Use.

select cloud storage service

name a target folder

1. Create your CloudWok to Receive Files

Please fill in the following information :

  • Folder name - The name of the folder in your Cloud the files should get uploaded to. We create the folder for you if its not yet existing.

  • Email address (optional) - Give your email address to be notified about uploads. Uploaders may also send you a personal message.

  • Password (optional) - Protect your URL with a password.

2. Send the URL to Uploaders

  • Send a private message containing the URL to uploaders you know and want to receive files from .

  • Publish the URL on your website, YouTube channel or blog if anyone should be allowed to upload .

Share your Woks' email address to receive email attachments in your Cloud or show the QR code to facilitate mobile uploads.

3. Your CloudWok Upload Page

When clicking on the URL uploaders reach a simple upload page .

  • It supports drag & drop as well as regular file selection.

  • Uploaders may send a personal message with their upload details.

  • Ask for the uploaders' name to see who uploaded what file.

  • Share your uploads allowing downloads of uploaded files.

For those of you with an own webpage or Wordpress-Blog, please check on the embed code to receive files right from your own webpage.

4. All Your Personal Details

In your CloudWok Profile you may:

  • Manage Your CloudWoks. Share them, change the settings, check the logs, access related Cloud storage folders and much more.

  • Connect further Cloud Storages to your CloudWok profile.

  • See your Account Details, your remaining quota and current plan.

Customize and integrate CloudWok into your website

  • You are a website developer and looking for an easy way to allow a  file upload from your website  directly into your Cloud storage?

  • You would like to provide easy Mobile Access to your CloudWoks?

  • You do have a corporate design and want to customize the upload page to match your own looks?

Explore some of the Extended Possibilities to Use, Share and Customize CloudWoks.

Embedded Upload Form

Use CloudWok on your website. You don't need any CloudWok Upload page, your users can upload files from your own site into your Cloud.

  1. Copy our pre-built coding into the html coding of your site.

  2. Just replace the Wok ID with your own - and there you go!

More technical details on

Adapt the Form

Use CSS to adapt the upload form for a perfectly fit into your website.

  • Colors - Match the upload form related colors.

  • Fonts - Use your own fonts.

  • Texts - Replace your texts with your own.Available soon.

Got any ideas? Let us know if you have any idea on how to improve the embedding procedure.

Wordpress Plugin

For everyone using Wordpress to manage your website or blog we developed a Wordpress Plugin for you.

  1. Get the Plugin from

  2. Follow the instructions and soon you will be able to receive files from your blog

We also integrate with FormAssembly and NinjaForms.

QR Codes

Use the QR code that was generated to link to your upload page. It is all yours, so just copy the graphics and

  • Place it on your (mobile) website which is in interesting for mobile scenarios for quick sharing or access a CloudWok. They may just scan the code and start their upload directly.

  • Print it on instructions or feedback forms in case would like to receive files from your customers. Print it on any other medium you consider handing to other people (e.g. the guests of your wedding) as you want to receive their pictures or files .

Customized Upload Website Feature available soon.

For everyone who shares CloudWok URLs but wants the upload page not to look like an external site your may want to explore some of the easy ways to customize our CloudWok upload page.

  • Logo - Include your own logo to the upload page

  • Texts - Replace your texts with your own.Available soon

  • Fonts - Use your own fonts

  • Messages - Leave individual messages and notes for your uploaders

Reserve an individual link for your page - e.g.

Uploading Email Attachments instead of using the Upload Web Page?

Working with Email attachments  is more convenient for you? Allow everyone to upload files by sending Email attachments.

How to receive email attachments directly in your Cloud

Every CloudWok comes with an Email Address

The Sharing options of your CloudWok will give you your CloudWok specific Email address.

Share your CloudWok Email and receive Uploads

Uploaders may send Emails with files attached just as they are used to.

  • Email attachments are extracted and uploaded to your Cloud.

  • The Email body is forwarded to your notification Email Address.

  • To avoid spam restrict uploading users or file types. Available soon.

Email Attachmentsto your regular Email Address Available soon

Connect your private Email account to CloudWok. Your inbox won't be flooded with files instead they are all neatly sorted in your Cloud.

  • The parallel Email backup uploads attachments to your Cloud but the original Email also ends up in your Email client.

  • Email forwarding extracts and replaces attachments with a link to the file in your Cloud. The enhanced Email is forwarded to you.

The email text and content is not read or touched in any way.

CloudWok is a productivity tool for your Web browser on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iPhone, Android, and all other modern operating systems. For further details we collected some  Artikels in our Blog  that show how CloudWok could be used.

Still want to learn more? Check out our detailed FAQ!

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