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How to sign up for CloudWok and create your first Wok to receive file uploads directly into your Dropbox folder, Google Drive, S3 bucket, Box folder or Facebook Album.

How CloudWok works for you


Connect your favourite Cloud

Hey travellers, wedding couples, researcher, business owners and everyone running an own blog or webpage:

Click your favourite cloud and get ready to receive files from anyone!


name a target folder

Everybody needs a Wok

A Wok establishes a link to a folder in your connected cloud storage. Simply name the folder files should get uploaded to.

Click Create Wok and we will generate your personal upload link. You can use the Wok in many different ways.


Every Wok comes with an Upload Webpage and Upload Email-Address.

Share them with your uploaders and they will be able to upload files into your cloud with their (mobile) browser or by sending email attachments.

Upload Webpage (URL)

Browser upload from an easy to use upload page .

  • It supports drag & drop as well as regular file selection.

  • Share a personal message and add a logo.

  • Ask for the uploaders' name to see who uploaded what file.

  • Download gallery to share files with visitors.

Upload Email-Address

Uploaders may send Emails with files attached just as they are used to.

  • Email attachments are extracted and uploaded to your Cloud.

  • The Email body is forwarded to your notification Email Address.

  • To avoid spam restrict uploading users or file types. Available soon.


For website developer we offer a Wordpress Plugin as well as an upload widget to integrate with CloudWok.

Thereby we allow file uploads from your website or Wordpress blog right into your own Cloud storage.

Wordpress Plugin

For everyone using Wordpress to manage your website or blog we developed a Wordpress Plugin for you.

  1. Get the Plugin from

  2. Follow the instructions and soon you will be able to receive files from your blog

We also integrate with FormAssembly and NinjaForms.

Webpage Widget

Use CloudWok on your website. You don't need any CloudWok Upload page, your users can upload files from your own site into your Cloud.

  1. Use our Widget Configurator to generate and copy the required html for your site.

  2. Many options to customize the widget for your own needs are available.

More technical details on


Access your CloudWok Profile

  • Create new Woks - as many as you like.

  • Manage existing CloudWoks. Share them, change the settings, check the logs, access related Cloud storage folders and much more.

  • Connect further Cloud Storages to your CloudWok profile.

  • See your Account Details, your remaining quota and current plan.

More Great stuff

All features listed below are available to Bronze Wok, Silver Wok, and Gold Wok users.

For more information pleaserefer to our pricing page.

Subfolders  NEW FEATURE

Let CloudWok automatically create a subfolder with the uploader's name and organize all of your uploaded files by uploader name, such as Dropbox/John_Smith/ .

Custom Link Names  NEW FEATURE

Custom links like are easy to remember. So reserve a custom name for your upload page .

Who Uploaded What  NEW FEATURE

Ask uploaders for their names and have them attached to the filenames. Easily sort and find uploads right in your file explorer.


Add password-protection to make sure that only authorized people are able to access the upload page and upload files to your CloudWok .


Align the upload page to your own look and feel - include own texts, colors, and company logo or other pictures). Or simply leave a custom message for your uploaders .

Monitor Uploads

The Log allows you to monitor activities on the upload page. How many individual users visited the page, what files where uploaded when and by whom (anonymised) .

Hide CloudWok Content

If you don't want your uploaders to list, view, or download the contents of your CloudWok, hide the file list and disable downloads .

White-label Page

Instead of the normal upload page a white-label page only shows a small CloudWok logo .


Get a notification message when uploaders have uploaded files into your Cloud .

Quota Limit

In case you do not want all your quota to be used by a single Wok, limit its quota .

No Ads

Remove advertisements (shown for Free Woks) by upgrading to a premium plan .

Receive Uploader Messages

Allow uploaders to send you a message after they completed their upload .

CloudWok is a productivity tool for your Web browser on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iPhone, Android, and all other modern operating systems. For further details we collected some  Artikels in our Blog  that show how CloudWok could be used.

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