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CloudWok (www.cloudwok.com), refered to as the "Site", expects all Users to agree with and accept the Terms of Use and all legal agreements published by the Cloud Service providers Amazon Web Services, Inc., Dropbox, Inc. and Google, Inc.. Furthermore, we hold no liability for problems or lost data occuring from the use of CloudWok.

Please note that costs might occur and can be charged by your Cloud datastore providers.

CloudWok Service

CloudWok is a proxy upload service for diverse Cloud storage services. Users of the Site are inviters and invitees, however, not limited to. The Site allows Users, in particular, an inviter to generate an unified resource locator (URL) that connects a Cloud storage with an upload Web site hosted on CloudWok. The generated URL and, hence, the upload website can be visited by invitees to upload files to the Cloud storage of an inviter.

CloudWok URLs and Authentication Data

For generating a shareable CloudWok URL an inviter must grant CloudWok access to his Cloud storage, by providing authentication data (e.g., OAuth credentials or passwords). CloudWok has two models to handle this data, an inviting User has to agree to: (1) authentication data is stored permanently by the CloudWok service to grant access to the Cloud storage and forward upload streams, or (2) CloudWok does not store the authentication data and uses the data only initially to set permissions on the Cloud storage to allow access for the public. In any case, a User can revoke access from CloudWok anytime via a generated d URL. While case 1 implies that privacy is retained for the Users Cloud storage, case 2 grants CloudWok access as well as any other Users of that particular Cloud storage service. An inviter restricts the access permissions to a certain folder (or bucket) within his Cloud storage when generating an CloudWok URL. Uploads and, in case 2, public access permissions affect only this certain folder (or bucket). The amount of data that can be uploaded to an CloudWok URL is limited.
URLs for Users that have not signed up for a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Wok plan (see below) are automatically listed under a free plan ("Free Wok" plan). The Site allows Users with a free plan to generate free tier CloudWok URLs. Uploads to URLs of a User with a free plan are limited to a sum of 100MB quota, 1MB maximum file size and a shared upload queue. In parallel, paid plans with different quota and file size regulations exist (see CloudWok Plans).

File Uploads

Any User of the upload website can upload files to the connected Cloud storage of an inviter. The uploaded data is streamed to the target Cloud storage immediately, only passing the memory of the servers of CloudWok. CloudWok will never store any copies of uploaded files nor offer download features from own servers.
Besides the upload using an URL and upload website CloudWok allows the direct upload of investees email attachments into the inviters cloud storage. Within this process the same authentication and security mechanisms (see CloudWok URLs and Authentication Data) as of CloudWok URLs apply. All data attached to an email is streamed directly to the target Cloud storage. Email texts, such as subject and body are not stored, opened or processed in any way.

Intellectual Property Rights and Legal Restrictions

We expect all Users who utilize an upload website at CloudWok or utilize the email attachment upload to obey copyrights of the files and file contents they intend to upload according to the copyright infringement laws applicable to the User. In particular, we do not offer this service to enable copyright infringements or distribution of illegal contents, such as media containing violence.
Users are allowed to upload or send any file as long as the content is not illegal, obscene, denunciatory, calumnious, threatening, invasive of privacy, infringing of intellectual property rights, or otherwise injurious to third parties or obnoxious and does not consist of or contain software viruses or any form of spam or junk mail.

CloudWok Plans

Users can sign up for a paid CloudWok plan that gives an enhanced upload experience. Currently three paid plans are available for signup:

  • Bronze Wok
  • Silver Wok
  • Gold Wok
Uploads to URLs located under a free plan are queued in a queue that is processed with few upload servers. In contrast uploads to a URL linked to a paid plan are placed in a separate priority upload queue. Whenever the separate priority upload queue grows to more than 5 upload requests an additional upload worker is added keeping the queue size low and, thus, aims at short waiting times for uploads. We can, however, not guarantee a maximum time for uploads in the dynamics of upload request peaks, differing file sizes and unpredictable cloud storage service qualities. Paid plan related URLs also show no top ad on the upload page and allow up to 5000MB file size per uploaded file. While uploads to free plan related URLs are restricted to a 100MB quota, paid plan related URLs can have more quota depending on the paid plan the User signed up for. The quota limit of a priority plan is a monthly limit which and gets reset after every end of month.
Upgrades to larger plans are possible any time. Additional cost are charged proportionally for the days of the accounting month. Downgrades and cancellations of a plan are possible for the end of the accounting month and can be requested any time during the accounting month.
Signing up to a paid plan guarantees that all uploads requested for related URL are queued in the separate priority queue. The Users amount of URLs is not restricted. All limitations and features for the Users paid plan apply for all his URLs.

Terms of Cloud Storage Providers

Inviters have to be owners of a Cloud storage account with at least one provider to be able to use the CloudWok service. As a customer (or User) of Cloud storage providers the terms of the respective providers must be obeyed.

Following a set of terms published by Cloud storage providers supported in the CloudWok service. We do not maintain the list or claim completeness. Also, we do not claim the links to work properly or point to the official terms. Users should attain the terms and legal agreements of Cloud storage providers by visiting their Web site or by contacting the providers.

  1. Amazon Web Services Terms of Use
  2. Dropbox Terms
  3. Google Drive Terms of Service

Last Edited on 2016-03-27