Find a pricing plan that is right for you. Our plans give you the freedom to choose between monthly and yearly plans. Monthly plans expire after one month; yearly plans expire after one year.

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Select a plan that is right for you

You can start with a Free Wok plan which gives you 50MB upload quota per month for free. Upgrade your plan by buying a Bronze Wok to unlock all premium features, such as password-protection and custom link names. Premium plans increase your maximum monthly upload quota up to 50GB and the maximum size of files that can be uploaded up to 10GB per file.


You can purchase a monthly plan by selecting "Monthly" payments. This is not a recurring subscription. You pay once and your plan expires after a month and is reduced to the Free Wok plan - no strings attached, a perfect fit for short projects.


If your project takes a bit longer but you do not know an exact duration, you can simply keep renewing your plan. Choose to auto-renew your plan automatically and you do not need to deal manual upgrades every month. Auto-renewing can be cancelled at any time.


For long engagements check on our yearly plans. A yearly payment means that you buy 12 months in advance. You get the same monthly quota, max file sizes, and features as with the monthly plans, however, at a lower price.

Upgrading a plan

In case you reach the limit of a plan you can upgrade your plan at any time. Of course your previous payment will be considered .

Do you have further questions regarding our offers? Don't hesitate and contact our sales team.

Plan Details

Why using a Plan? - Increased upload quota, higher maximum file sizes, and faster uploads!

Upload Quota

The quota represents the data volume that can be uploaded to your CloudWok . With your sign up for CloudWok, we give you 50MB free monthly upload quota. In case your CloudWoks are out of quota, you can always buy or upgrade to a Bronze Wok (1GB quota), Silver Wok (10GB), or Gold Wok (50GB) to increase your monthly quota. The Quota always counts uploads of the past 30-day-period.

Maximum File Size

With CloudWok, large files can be uploaded by others into your cloud storage service (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.). The Free Wok plan has a maximum file size limit of 5MB per file. If you purchase a Premium plan you increase the limit for each upload file’s size to 10MB (Bronze Wok), 2GB (Silver Wok) or 10GB (Gold Wok).

Fast Uploads

Bronze Wok, Silver Wok, and Gold Wok uploads are prioritized over Free Wok uploads. Therefore, if you purchase a plan, you improve the speed of file uploads .

Secure Data

No matter if you are using the Free Wok or any premium Wok - Secure handling of all your data is most important to us. All transmittions are handled using encrypted connections. You may set uploaded files visible for download, but it is beyond question that CloudWok may not access any files or folders in your cloud without your permission.

A list of all Premium Features is available at our Tour page.

CloudWok is a Web application that runs in your Web browser on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iPhone, Android, and all other modern devices and operating systems . We hope you like our application. Enjoy!

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