EntourageBox is now CloudWok

We are proud to announce our new brand name and the changes it brings with it.

But why do we change our name? Let us explain how you benefit in the following letter.

Dear Reader,

With CloudWok we want to continue to provide you with an easy and quick service allowing anybody to upload files directly into your cloud storage. That is also what we want our new name to be - to be simple, fast and memorable.

So is it only a new name?

It’s way more - CloudWok received a complete makeover and many new features! There are four major improvements:

  • For starters, the new style and navigation improves the site usability. Based on the feedback we collected from you in the past months, we completely rebuilt the user interface to make working with CloudWok more comfortable.
  • Secondly, we invested a lot in our system architecture and infrastructure. CloudWok now runs on many servers distributed all around the globe. That means one machine is always near you an we can constantly provide you with a fast and more reliable solution.
  • Furthermore, we have added Box.com and Facebook as new cloud services you may connect to. Let other people upload into a Box.com folder or share a Facebook album with your friends and let them upload their pictures right into your joint album.
  • For an ongoing service we've also matched the pricing to be continuous rather than taking you through the hassle of multiple one time purchases. With the user based account management you can now simply upgrade your account and all your URLs will benefit from the priority features.

Does that mean anything changes for my existing stuff?

Nope. For sure you can continue using what you already paid for - your existing priority URLs and their quota. However, on June 26th CloudWok.com will finally replace EntourageBox.com. You will then be able to access your EntourageBoxes through CloudWok by switching on EntourageBox mode in your user settings. It is important for you to know that future purchases will no longer be possible for EntourageBox URLs, only for the new CloudWoks.

We have created an extensive FAQ and support page in our new Help Center that answers all your questions regarding the transition.

Ok, got it! Anything else now that I'm here?

Even though we are in the final stage of the transition, we are very interested in your feedback. We will try to consider your suggestions and for sure fix everything as timely as we can. For any kind of feedback just drop a note to support@cloudwok.com

Enough, take me to CloudWok already!

Start now

It's great to share our new start with you!

Your CloudWok Team