Get it up and running

  1. Create a CloudWok account
  2. Create a Wok that is either connected to a folder in your Dropbox, Google Drive, account or other cloud storage accounts that are supported by CloudWok. You will be receiving files in this folder.
  3. After you have created a Wok, you get a URL to an upload website, such as this: The last four letters are your "wok ID" (in this example: AneJ). If you use an alias name, you also find the wok id in the "Overview" menu tab of your wok.
  4. Use your wok ID the Widget Configurator below to generate your personalized HTML code and copy it into the source code of your website or Wordpress blog post.

Widget Configurator

You can embed the CloudWok upload widget into your own website or WordPress blog. The widget can be embedded into any website by copy and paste of the HTML code into the source code of your website. If you have a WordPress blog, you can install the CloudWok WordPress plugin and paste the WordPress code into blog posts and pages. There are plenty of customization options which you can try out and preview with the widget configurator below. The configurator generates HTML code and WordPress code according to your customization requirements.

WordPress Plugin

Visit to learn how to install and get started with the CloudWok WordPress plugin in 5 minutes.

More information for developers

If you have more questions on how to customize the HTML embed widget for your requirements, please take a look at the README file on our github page or at the Wiki.