Our Mission

If you want to share files, you should not have to figure out a way to let others upload or send their files to you. CloudWok solves this problem for you: let other people with different or no cloud storage accounts upload files straight into your cloud storage, i.e., into your Dropbox folder, Google Drive folder, or Amazon S3 bucket.

Our Team

Markus Klems

is a computer science researcher and engineer with years of experience working with IT systems, database technology, cloud storage, performance engineering, and IT security.
At CloudWok, Markus makes sure that the kitchen is clean and dishes are served as fast as possible, 24/7.
He is in charge of system automation and administration to keep servers up-and-running in a tightly secured environment.

Michael Menzel

is a computer science researcher and engineer who has a passion for creating versatile software applications.
Michael speaks mostly in his favorite languages Scala and coffeescript to make the CloudWok sizzle. His job is to invent features and create scalable, ultra-fast CloudWoks.
His actual job is to remind everyone that working hard means playing hard!

Sebastian Roth

has a background in product management for Germanys largest IT enterprise and knows how to translate customer requirements and questions to the CloudWok techies (and vice versa).
Sebastian spices up CloudWoks and cooks together with our guests. Drop him a note if you have any feedback, need fast answers to your questions, want to invest in our company, or have other suggestions how to partner-up - drop us an email any time:

CloudWok and the Cloud

Today pretty much everybody owns some cloud storage. Highly integrated solutions allow you to keep all your data in one location, always accessible from everywhere and every device. But one limitation remains - the people that you would like to engage with may not utilize the same cloud as you do.
CloudWok offers a simple way to expand the capabilities of your cloud. With CloudWok anyone can upload data into your cloud storage. CloudWok even enables users to collaborate and share files across the boundaries of single cloud storages!


We believe that information is free and should face no boundaries. CloudWok is built for users and developers who want to use their own cloud storage freely and without any limits.

Our Story

"After a trip with friends we wanted to share our photos and got stuck. We had accounts with different cloud storage services. Some didn't have a cloud storage account at all. Sending via email was not an option and nobody agreed on weird file sharing tools. So I sat down and coded EntourageBox basically over night."

Michael Menzel, founder of EntourageBox.com and co-founder of CloudWok.com

"In 2015, we launched the next generation of our upload-to-cloud service under the new name CloudWok. CloudWok is set up on top of cloud infrastructure with servers in data centers in the US west coast, US east coast, Europe, Japan, and Australia. The new infrastructure setup is designed to be better scalable and more resilient, and provide users with better upload performance. All in-transit data that passes our servers is end-to-end encrypted, and servers are secured with strict firewall and intrusion detection mechanisms."

Markus Klems, co-founder of CloudWok.com

CloudWok and You

More than 10K customers who received more than one million files already (during public beta). Here are some details on what end customers (B2C user) as well as developers and businesses (B2B/B2D user) are using CloudWok:


Our Product at a Glance

CloudWoks main feature is to give flexible access for anyone to your cloud. With our WordPress plugin as well as an easy to copy embed code we aim for a better integration of our service into our users website. For the future we intend to provide you with a flexible to use API. Our latest developments aims for the collaboration of different cloud storages and spreading information freely across them.
Rather than providing technical insight into our product we would like to show how CloudWok works for different users in real life. The following use cases provide a CloudWok tour focusing on different user groups and their unique requirements: