CloudWok in 3 simple Steps

1. Link CloudWok
to your Cloud

Link an URL to your Cloud storage.

2. Share your
upload website

Get your own upload website and share the link with others.

3. Let others upload
into your Cloud

The URL enables uploaders to upload files to your Cloud storage.

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CloudWok USP all cloud storages in one place

No limitation to a single Cloud
Connect to all of them!

For sure its most convenient to collect files directly in your existing cloud storage. But today you may want to collect some friends' documents in your Dropbox / Google Drive. Tomorrow files from customers in Amazon S3 and then some party pictures directly in an Facebook album.


With CloudWok you can connect to many Cloud Storages in parallel and individually decide for which one you would like send an upload request and collect files in.

  • supported cloud service Dropbox Dropbox
  • supported cloud service Google Drive Google Drive
  • supported cloud service
  • supported cloud service S3 S3
  • supported cloud service Facebook Album Facebook Album
Further services are about to be added
CloudWok USP anyone or others can upload

No limitation to users with Accounts
Let anyone upload!

Do all your uploaders do have an account with Google Drive, Amazon S3 or Dropbox in order to be able to send you files?


With CloudWok you don't need to worry - unlike when using shared folders uploaders do not need any account! All they need from you is an upload request containing an upload-link or upload-email.

  • Share a private link with all your friends, optionally protect with a password
  • Publish your request on your website, Facebook page, Youtube channel or blog

CloudWok USP receive files in your cloud storages through different channels and in diverse ways

No limitation on how to receive files
Use the upload page or
embed in wordpress or your website!

You want to share a link and people can just upload from an upload site - ok, that's something all sites offer. But often an standard upload site is not the best option.


With every CloudWok there come numerous ways on how to collect files. Pick which ones you like best for your case:

  • A customized upload site with your own text, logo, colors, fonts,...
  • Actually allow uploads from your own site by embedding CloudWok
  • Receive uploads as Email Attachments
  • Print a QR code and let people scan and upload from their cell phones.
    A mobile App will be available soon.

CloudWok USP receive files in all sizes to your cloud storages

No limitation to size and type
Just receive any file!

Your files are too large for Email attachments or you need a way of how to collect more than just pictures or videos?
Besides that you don't feel comfortable inviting dozens of people to a shared folder as they may all see, edit or (accidentially) remove files?


With CloudWok you can receive files of any size and any type!
You also always remain in control of uploads and visible files.

  • Manage uploaders access to your cloud and already uploaded files
  • Receive upload confirmations and personal messages from uploaders
  • See when your site was visited and track uploads

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Use CloudWok for free or upgrade to a premium plan and get additional features.

  • free 100 MB monthly upload traffic (quota)
  • free Get 5 GB extra quota (how?)
  • free Max file size limited to 25 MB
  • premium Up to 50 GB monthly quota (ask us if you need more)
  • premium Max file sizes of multiple GB
  • premium Customization and whitelabeling
  • premium Many additional premium features
  • premium No advertisements
premium starting at
$ 1
per month, for a Bronze Wok

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